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Student Spotlight on Lindsey Pelaez

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What activities or hobbies do you enjoy out of school?

Out of school, some activities I love doing are taking photos, hanging out with friends/family, and doing fun activities.

Where are you from?

My family is originally from Colombia but I was born in New Jersey and was raised in Stroudsburg.

What are your plans after high school?

I plan to go to a 4-year college of marketing and photography.

What is your passion in life? 

My passion is working hard, having people around me who truly love me, and taking photos.

When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about?

I would say they would ask me about my teenage life, because of all the photos I have from it and I’m currently making a scrapbook so they would probably ask about the photos in there.

Which countries/places would you like to visit?

I would love to visit Hawaii or Japan.

What is your greatest accomplishment so far?

To be honest this has been a good year for me. I had a lot of accomplishments like launching my photography website, being the school’s photographer, having a good soccer season by winning the North division with my team, being 3rd team EPC, and overall having people around me who love me.

What was your favorite class in SHS?

My favorite class would be sports entertainment and fashion because of my friends Teagan and Leah.

What movie/show could you never get tired of watching?

I could never get tired of Grey’s Anatomy, that show is my comfort show and I have watched it on Repeat like 10 times (I’ve counted).

Who are your favorite teachers and why?

My favorite teacher would be Mrs. Cepin. She has taught me so much about photography and has always believed in what I can do.

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